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Dr. Lebowitz, the pioneer behind Supreme Nutrition products, created his line with Applied Kinesiology in mind. As such, each raw material used must pass an applied kinesiological evaluation as do the capsules and any other materials used. Supreme Nutrition is dedicated to providing quality, “single-ingredient” products that are better suited to certain deficiencies, anti-microbial usage, or in support of specific health concerns. 

No Fillers. No Binders. 100% Natural.
Finding pure products is getting harder and harder, even raw materials are frequently diluted to prevent caking. Supreme Nutrition is dedicated to purity and the majority of their products are organic and/or wildcrafted.
Simple Single Ingredient Solutions
Most Supreme products only have one ingredient. Thy do not take a “shotgun approach” to treatment but rather supply the ingredient that will be most effective. This ensures that you get maximum potency, maximum results.

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