FAQ Videos

Please review all the videos below.  You will find the answers to your most common questions below, given to you in Dr. Rostenberg’s own words.  After you have watched these videos if you still have questions you may contact our front office at 208-322-7755.  Enjoy!

Question 1 – What do you get with your Initial Consultation at Red Mountain Natural Medicine? (The price for the initial consultation with Dr. Rostenberg is $250. It is $210 with Dr. Grable or Dr. McQueen)


Question 2 – How many visits will I need?  1, 2 or 10?


Question #3 – How much does it cost to work with the doctors at Red Mountain Natural Medicine?

The initial phone consultation is $250 with Dr. Rostenberg or $210 with Dr. Grable or Dr. McQueen. This includes a 40 minute phone/Skype consultation and a detailed, follow-up correspondence which includes your personal diet, genetic, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations. If the consultation is longer than 40 minutes, you will be charged $3 per minute. Additional phone consultations will be billed at a cost of $3 per minute for the time that is reserved with the doctor.


Question 4 – Am I too complicated to be helped by these doctors?  Can you treat XYZ problem?


Question 5 – What kinds of lab work and lab tests do the doctors want to see?


Question 6 – What type of genetic testing does Dr. Rostenberg recommend?  Is it 23andme.com or AncestryDNA.com? (Due to changes with the chip used for 23andme, our office currently recommends AncestryDNA.)