Meet Dr. McQueen

Dr McQueenDr. Shana McQueen is a naturopathic doctor, graduate of Bastyr University and owner of Living Vibrance Natural Health, LLC.  Prior to her doctorate level training at Bastyr, she received a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Utah.

Dr. McQueen’s mission is to empower individuals with long-term, safe, and effective solutions for optimal health.  A major focus of her practice involves women’s issues including PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, and adrenal fatigue.  Other areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, chemical sensitivities, allergies/food sensitivities, and digestive problems.

Inspired by the body’s extraordinary capacity to heal itself, Dr. McQueen spends time teaching her patients how to facilitate this process utilizing a combination of nutrition, herbal medicine, dietary supplementation, and lifestyle change.  She also incorporates clinical experience in the newly emerging field of methylation and epigenetics to teach and best care for her patients.  Dr. McQueen received training by a leader and major contributor in this field, Dr. Andrew Rostenberg.  Whether you are dealing with a specific health issue or simply looking for preventative strategies to enhance your overall longevity and vitality, Dr. McQueen looks forward to working with you!